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Wild-Caught Morton Bay Bug

Wild-Caught Morton Bay Bug

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Cut in half & cleaned

Wild Caught Moreton Bay Bug: A Rare Delicacy from the Depths

Indulge in a hidden treasure of the sea with our Wild Caught Moreton Bay Bug, an exclusive offering for the refined palate:

  • Untamed Origins: Harvested from the vibrant ecosystem of Moreton Bay, these Bugs are a wild catch, bringing an unadulterated taste of the ocean to your plate.
  • Nutritional Wealth: Rich in protein and packed with essential vitamins and minerals, they're a luxurious yet health-conscious choice.
  • Culinary Versatility: With a sweet, rich flavor and tender flesh, Moreton Bay Bugs are perfect for grilling, boiling, or barbecuing, making them a standout in any culinary creation.

Unearth the ocean's secrets with our Wild Caught Moreton Bay Bug, and savor a taste that's as rare as it is exquisite.

These come frozen and may thaw on delivery. 4-6 bugs per Kg.

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