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Small Business Service, Australia-Wide

Hello, my name is Tom, and I am the owner of Mckenzie's Meats.

Our company was established with the mission to provide premium-grade Grass-Fed & Finished Beef to customers across the eastern states for an affordable price.

Over the past 3 years we have implemented a near-vertical integration system that allows us to work closely with suppliers to ensure the delivery of fresh products and provide our customers with an exceptional shopping experience.

Our dedicated team manages logistics and customer inquiries throughout the week and is available to assist with any requirements, big or small.


Where do you deliver to?

McKenzie's Meats delivers to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Surrounding areas. Any questions email us hello@mckenziesmeats.com.au

How much is delivery?

Delivery in Sydney is free for all orders over $149.99

Delivery in Melbourne & Brisbane is free for all orders over $199.99

Delivery in Canberra is free for all orders over $249.99

What if I'm not home to receive my box?

We deliver all our meat boxes in cooler bags with a gel pack. That means your box can be left in a safe place for up to 6 hours and your meat will stay fresh.

Can I pick-up my meatbox instead?

Yep, you can pick-up in Sydney from 110/354 Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood between 11am and 12pm each Tuesday or Friday.
Pick-up is currently unavailable in Canberra.

Do I have to subscribe to an ongoing order?

Nope, you can either subscribe or purchase a one-off meatbox.
With subscriptions, you can set and forget and you'll never run out of meat again.

Is my meat sealed?

Yes, all our meat is tightly vacuum sealed in individual bags meaning your products are always fresh and there's no risk of cross-contamination.

How long will my meat last in the fridge?

Your meat will stay fresh in the fridge for around one week.
We recommend freezing any meat you won't eat in your first week. You can defrost it by moving it from the freezer to fridge (this will take 24-48 hours) or by leaving it out (put it on a plate as there will be condensation).
Defrosted meat is super fresh, the quality won't be affected.

How do I set my order frequency?

You can set your frequency to be every week, every 2 weeks, every 3 weeks and so on...
Products have default frequencies of every 2 weeks.
Simply order your product and once ordered you can update your frequency based on what suits you.

Can I swap some items in my meatbox?

Yes you can, email us at hello@mckenziesmeats.com.au and we will arrange it for you. If swapping products changes the cost of your meatbox we will let you know the price difference and apply it on our end.

What are the ingredients in your sausages?

*Gluten free
Beef, water, rice flour, salt, emulsifier (450), preservative (223), herbs and spices (minimal), texture vegetable protein.

What are the ingredients in your bacon?

*Gluten free
Pork (95%), Salt, Mineral salts (451, 45C, 452, 331), Antioxidant (316), Preservative (250), Natural Wood Smoke.

What are the ingredients in your premium beef mince?

Beef and beef fat only. No preservatives or any additives. 

Is our beef liver grass-fed?

Yes, it sure is.

Who provided your Halal Certification?

Our meat is processed and packed by Dick Stone who have been Halal Certified by the Halal Accreditation Authority, please see their certificate below:

Got Another Question?

We are always here to help with your questions!

Email: hello@mckenziesmeats.com.au
Phone: 0424 072 810
Instagram: @mckenziesmeats