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The Ancestral Nutrition Cookbook

The Ancestral Nutrition Cookbook

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Includes 10 Recipes That Leverage Ancestral Wisdom So You Can Easily Prepare Delicious And Nutritious Meals At Home.

Your ancestors knew how to prepare meals that made them lean, strong and resilient.

Unfortunately, much of this wisdom has been lost.

The Ancestral Nutrition Cookbook changes that bringing you the wisdom of your ancestors in a convenient eBook.

Each recipe leverages these ancestral tenents:

- Make animal protein the focus of the meal
- Cook with healthy fats like butter, ghee and tallow
- Avoid seed oils, preservatives and added sugar
- Minimise plant toxins found in grains, seeds and legumes
- Eat organ meats, marrow and connective tissue

You don't need to be a Masterchef to prepare these meals, they're so simple anyone can make them.

Plus, the recipes only use a handful of quality ingredients making your shopping a breeze.

Grab a copy of The Ancestral Nutrition Cookbook and start leveraging the wisdom of your ancestors today.

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