Mass Gainer Meat Box
Mass Gainer Meat Box
Mass Gainer Meat Box
Mass Gainer Meat Box
McKenzie's Meats

Mass Gainer Meat Box

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The best way to gain lean mass is by eating 1.5kgs of quality beef every day.

It's simple in theory but in practice it can be hard.

The Mass Gainer Meatbox means you always have the right amount of beef to gain muscle. No more trips to the supermarket. No more bingeing or grazing.

No excuses.

Here's what's included in the Mass Gainer Meatbox:

12x 250g Rump Steaks
3kg of Beef Mince

3kg of Premium Beef Sausages

Total = 9kgs of muscle building beef.

About McKenzie's Meats:
All our meat comes from carefully selected prime cattle and sheep grown and cared for by Australian farmers.

Your meat is cryovacced and will be delivered to your door in a cooler bag with a frozen gel pack.

We guarantee you will be satisfied by the mouth-watering taste of our products.