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Whole Beast From Hunter Valley Cattle

Whole Beast From Hunter Valley Cattle

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Half Price Delivery When You Spend $200.

Purchase A Whole Beast From A Farmer You Can Trust

*If you'd like to place an order please email Simon at to organise.

Hunter Valley Cattle

Hunter Valley, NSW

Grass fed and finished beef from a NSW farmer you can trust.
Hello there, my name is David Lombardo, my Cattle farm is located in Gresford, a small town north of Maitland, in the Hunter Valley.

Our Cattle are always free to roam and eat the natural and improved pastures. This provides happy and stress-free cattle, which in results in better beef.
The yearlings are bred, born and raised on David's farm living a stress-free life.  
Hunter Valley Cattle beef is 14 day dry aged which means it is exceptionally tender and flavoursome.

Black Angus.

Size options:
1/4, Approx 36kg = $780
1/2, Approx 72kg = $1,500
Whole, Approx 144kg = $3,000
*Prices are for final packaged weight.
**Weight may vary depending on size of beast.

Delivery To Your Door:
Sydney, Newcastle and Hunter Valley
Delivery Fee is $200.
*Free delivery when you purchase a whole beast.
**Free collection available from Edensor Meats in Edensor Park.

All cuts are vacuum sealed in meal size portions.

What Cuts Are Included?
You'll get all your favourite cuts of beef and a true 'nose to tail' experience.
Check the images to see an outline of the exact cuts you'll get.

How Much Will You Save?
You'll save around 30%!
Check the images to see a breakdown of exactly how much you'll save.

How To Purchase:
You're welcome to purchase through this page.
Or, email me at and I'll personally help you make your purchase.

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