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Grass-Fed Scotch Whole Roll (Approx. 5kg)

Grass-Fed Scotch Whole Roll (Approx. 5kg)

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Introducing the pinnacle of culinary excellence with our 5kg Scotch Beef Cube Roll, a prime selection for those who appreciate the finer things in life. Our beef is guaranteed to be 100% grass-fed and grass-finished, sourced from the expansive, lush pastures of southern Australia. This exceptional cut exemplifies the highest standards of quality and care, offering a taste experience that is both pure and profound.


Grass-Fed & Free-Range: Our beef is not only grass-fed but also free-range, roaming vast acres of nutrient-rich southern Australian grasslands. This natural, stress-free environment ensures our livestock are healthy and happy, contributing to the tender and flavourful beef.

Raised Without Added Hormones: Committed to natural growth, our animals are raised without the use of synthetic or natural growth hormones, ensuring a pure and wholesome product.

Antibiotic-Free: In our dedication to health and quality, our livestock are raised without antibiotics. Any animal requiring antibiotics is removed from our Great Southern™ program, maintaining the integrity of our antibiotic-free promise.

GMO-Free: Our supplier's livestock are reared on GMO-free pastures, ensuring every bite is free from genetically modified organisms, for beef that's as nature intended.

Farm Assured & MSA Graded: Our beef is not only farm assured, ensuring every claim is independently certified for authenticity and compliance, but also meets Meat Standards Australia (MSA) requirements for guaranteed eating quality, making it a cut above in taste and tenderness.

Weight & Preparation: Each Cube Roll weighs approximately 5kg, ideal for any occasion requiring a touch of luxury and flavor. Expertly prepared by master butchers, this cut is ready for your culinary creativity, whether it's roasting, grilling, or stewing.

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