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Grass-Fed & Finished Whole Rump (Approx 7kg)

Grass-Fed & Finished Whole Rump (Approx 7kg)

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Elevate your dining experience with our Superior 7kg Grass-Fed Whole Rump, sourced from the pristine, free-range pastures of southern Australia. This magnificent cut embodies the essence of premium quality beef, offering an unparalleled taste and tenderness that discerning chefs and home cooks alike will appreciate. Our commitment to ethical and sustainable farming practices ensures that every slice is not only delicious but also responsibly produced.


  • Grass-Fed & Free-Range: Enjoy beef that's 100% grass-fed and finished, allowing for a diet that's natural and nutritionally rich. Our whole rumps come from livestock that roam freely across vast, lush landscapes, promoting a healthy and stress-free life that's directly reflected in the quality of the meat.
  • No Added Hormones: We ensure a natural growth process, free from both synthetic and natural growth hormones. This commitment to natural husbandry practices guarantees a product that's both healthier and more flavorful.
  • Antibiotic-Free: Our antibiotic-free promise means that any animal treated with antibiotics is not included in our Great Southern™ brand, ensuring the integrity and purity of the beef you receive.
  • GMO-Free: With a strict prohibition on genetically modified organisms, we guarantee that our livestock's diet is as natural as possible, contributing to the exceptional taste and quality of our beef.
  • Farm Assured & MSA Graded: Our whole rumps are independently certified to ensure compliance with our high standards. Additionally, meeting Meat Standards Australia (MSA) requirements, our beef is graded for eating quality, promising a superior taste and tenderness.

Weight & Preparation:

Each Whole Rump weighs approximately 7kg, making it an ideal choice for large gatherings, special occasions, or sophisticated meal planning. Prepared by expert butchers, this cut is ready to be roasted, grilled, or sliced into steaks, offering versatility in preparation and presentation.

Tasting Notes:

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