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Grass-Fed & Finished Short Ribs

Grass-Fed & Finished Short Ribs

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Experience the pinnacle of gourmet excellence with our Exquisite Grass-Fed & Finished Short Ribs, a prime cut that epitomizes the richness and depth of flavor that only the finest beef can provide. Sourced from the verdant, open ranges of southern Australia, these premium short ribs are a testament to our dedication to quality, sustainability, and the art of butchery. Each rib promises a taste experience that is both luxurious and ethically grounded.


  • Grass-Fed & Finished: Our short ribs come from cattle that graze freely on the nutrient-rich pastures of southern Australia, ensuring a diet that's completely natural and grass-based from start to finish. This not only promotes a healthier lifestyle for the cattle but also enhances the beef's flavor and nutritional value.

  • Free-Range Living: Embracing the principles of free-range farming, our cattle enjoy a stress-free existence, roaming vast landscapes. This natural lifestyle contributes to the tenderness and quality of our beef, making every bite a testament to our ethical farming practices.

  • No Added Hormones: In line with our commitment to natural growth, our cattle are raised without the use of any added hormones, ensuring the beef is as wholesome and pure as nature intended.

  • Antibiotic-Free: We adhere to a strict policy of raising our livestock without antibiotics. Only in cases where treatment is necessary and antibiotics are administered, those animals are excluded from our Great Southern™ brand, upholding our antibiotic-free commitment.

  • GMO-Free: Our commitment to natural feeding practices means our cattle's diet is free from genetically modified organisms, ensuring the integrity and purity of our beef.

  • Farm Assured & MSA Graded: Our short ribs are not only farm assured, guaranteeing that our farming practices meet strict standards, but they also meet the rigorous requirements of Meat Standards Australia (MSA) for eating quality, ensuring a product that is consistently tender and flavorful.

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