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Grass-Fed & Finished Bolar Blade Roast (Approx 3kg)

Grass-Fed & Finished Bolar Blade Roast (Approx 3kg)

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Immerse yourself in the rich flavors and tender textures of our Premium Grass-Fed Bolar Blade Roast, a choice cut for those who cherish depth of flavor and ethical farming practices. Sourced from the serene, open pastures of southern Australia, this exquisite roast exemplifies our unwavering dedication to quality, sustainability, and the craft of butchery. Each piece is a testament to the superior taste and wholesomeness that can only be achieved through meticulous care and respect for the natural environment.


  • Grass-Fed & Finished: Our Bolar Blade Roast is derived from cattle that have grazed on the lush, green fields of southern Australia throughout their lives, ensuring a diet that is completely natural. This not only fosters a healthier lifestyle for the cattle but also significantly enhances the nutritional value and flavor profile of the beef.
  • Free-Range Lifestyle: Our commitment to free-range farming allows our cattle to roam freely across vast landscapes, promoting a life of wellbeing and stress-free growth. This approach directly influences the superior tenderness and quality of our beef, ensuring each roast is a reflection of our ethical farming standards.
  • No Added Hormones: Aligned with our natural growth philosophy, our cattle are raised without the intervention of added hormones. This practice ensures that the beef you enjoy is as pure and natural as it was meant to be.
  • Antibiotic-Free Commitment: We adhere strictly to raising our livestock without antibiotics. Animals that require antibiotic treatment are carefully excluded from our Great Southern™ brand, reinforcing our promise of an antibiotic-free product.
  • GMO-Free Assurance: Our cattle are fed a diet free from genetically modified organisms, upholding our dedication to natural, unaltered food sources and ensuring the beef's integrity and purity.
  • Farm Assured & MSA Graded: The Bolar Blade Roast carries our farm assurance, verifying our adherence to strict standards of quality and care. Furthermore, it meets the exacting standards of Meat Standards Australia (MSA), guaranteeing a level of eating quality that is consistently tender and full of flavor.
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