Getting Started With Low-Carb
Getting Started With Low-Carb
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Getting Started With Low-Carb

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Here's why you need your own copy of the Getting Started With Low-Carb eBook by Jess Turton and Dr. pran.

If you want to truly understand nutrition you need to take a two-pronged approach, self-experimentation and learning from experts. You should self-experiment. If you think it's unsafe I assure you eating the Standard American or Australian Diet for your entire life is way more dangerous! Personally, I've done my fair share of self-experimentation... I've eliminated gluten and dairy, I regularly do 16-24 hour fasts and I've done 30 days strict carnivore.

This is great but when it comes to choosing who you spend your valuable time learning from you should choose carefully.

You don't want to WASTE your time reading the work of a doctor or nutritionist who's never self-experimented and is simply pushing a way of eating to make money. Do you?

Fortunately, there are people out there who've self experimented and done heaps of research because they genuinely want to help people. Jess and Pran fall into this category. They're both leaders in their field who consult with clients every single day helping them overcome IBS, Crohn's, obesity, food addiction, diabetes and more.

Jess and Pran are genuine PROFESSIONALS who've dedicated their lives to nutrition research because they want to help you avoid the myriad of widespread lifestyle diseases like diabetes, IBS and dementia and actually enjoy your life so you can live with energy, strength and mobility.

The thing is, when you purchase this book it might take you a long time to read. It did for me. You might find yourself taking notes from every single page, adapting your lifestyle straight away and helping yourself and others with their health so you can live a lifetime of health not diease.

This eBook is packed with literally life-changing information about low-carb eating that will help you experience total health freedom. It includes actionable information like shopping lists, meal plans and answers to the most common questions about low-carb.

Maybe, like me, you'll take notes and use it to make yourself sound smarter than you really are... maybe that's just me.

If you're looking for a voice you can trust in today's sea of misinformation, you've found it (them) in Jess and Pran.

Here's the official bio for Getting Started With Low-Carb:

In this eBook, Jessica Turton and Dr Pran Yoganathan take you through The Why, The What, and The How to all things relating to real food nutrition with a low-carb focus.

This is certainly not your typical low-carb diet book - this is a comprehensive guide to nutrition and health that equips you with the knowledge and practical tools to take control of your own health for good! 

By reading this eBook, you’ll learn about:
✅ digestive physiology 
✅ what humans are supposed to eat 
✅ carbohydrates 
✅ proteins 
✅ fats 
✅ calories 
✅ hydration 
✅ micronutrients 

You’ll also receive practical tools and strategies for developing and implementing your own dietary plan, including: 
⭐️ The Low-Carb Essentials Food List
⭐️ Meal planning advice
⭐️ Sample days of eating
⭐️ Diet tracking & carb counting
⭐️ Fast food, takeaway & dining out 
⭐️ Gut health considerations 
⭐️ Vegetarian low-carb
⭐️ Nutrition & stress
⭐️ Simple meal ideas & recipes

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