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Getting Started With Low-Carb

Getting Started With Low-Carb

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Interested in trying a low carb way of eating?

You can find out everything you need to know about low carb in this Ebook by Dietitian Jessica Turton and Dr. Pran Yoganathan.

In this eBook, Jessica Turton and Dr Pran Yoganathan take you through The Why, The What, and The How to all things relating to real food nutrition with a low-carb focus.

This is certainly not your typical low-carb diet book - this is a comprehensive guide to nutrition and health that equips you with the knowledge and practical tools to take control of your own health for good! 

By reading this eBook, you’ll learn about:
✅ digestive physiology 
✅ what humans are supposed to eat 
✅ carbohydrates 
✅ proteins 
✅ fats 
✅ calories 
✅ hydration 
✅ micronutrients 

You’ll also receive practical tools and strategies for developing and implementing your own dietary plan, including: 
⭐️ The Low-Carb Essentials Food List
⭐️ Meal planning advice
⭐️ Sample days of eating
⭐️ Diet tracking & carb counting
⭐️ Fast food, takeaway & dining out 
⭐️ Gut health considerations 
⭐️ Vegetarian low-carb
⭐️ Nutrition & stress
⭐️ Simple meal ideas & recipes

Purchase the Ebook now and you'll receive an email right away with your PDF Ebook attached. 

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