Lean Machine Meatbox
Lean Machine Meatbox
Lean Machine Meatbox
Lean Machine Meatbox
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Lean Machine Meatbox

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We've teamed up with one of Australia's best strength and conditioning coaches Ryan Clayton to create the "Lean Machine" Meatbox!

It's full of lean cuts of meat to help you trim down while still maintaining your muscle gains!

This meat box includes:

8x 250g grass-fed rump steak
2x free range Pork Tenderloin fillets
4x 250g free range chicken breast

Thats 4kgs of lean machine goodness!

Stop eating supermarket meat and give your body the nutrient-dense goodness it deserves. Get a meat box delivered to your door and your nutrition is sorted for the week!

About McKenzie's Meat:

All our meat is sourced from carefully selected prime cattle, sheep, pig and chicken. Grown and cared for by Australian farmers.

Your meat is cryovacced and will delivered to your door in a cooler bag with a frozen gel pack inside.

We guarantee you will be satisfied by the mouth-watering taste of our products.