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The Carnivore Diet Meat Box

The Carnivore Diet Meat Box

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The Carnivore Diet Meat Box includes:

- 8 x 250g grass fed Rump Steaks
- 2kg of grass fed Fatty Beef Mince (75%)
- 1.6kg of grass fed Rump Cap
- 2kg of grass fed Beef Brisket

Total 7.6kg of nutrient dense grass fed fatty meat.

If you're interested in the carnivore diet, this is the box for you. It's loaded with all the fatty grass fed beef you need to thrive on carnivore.

It's the right amount of meat for most people on carnivore for one week, giving you more than 1kg of meat each day.

Other products you might like to add are Pasture Raised Eggs, Organic Butter and Bone Broth.

Three tips for the carnivore diet:

#1 You need loads of fat.

You should be aiming to get 70% of your calories from fat including fatty meat, butter, ghee and tallow. This means you want 50/50 fat to protein by weight.

#2 Limit your dairy intake.

I don't recommend you drink milk as it contains sugar which raises your insulin levels and messes with your hunger signals meaning you won't know how much nutrition your body needs. Treat dairy as a condiment, some cheese and/or butter with your meat is fine.

#3 Eat when you're hungry and stop when you're full.

Most people under-eat when they're on the carnivore diet because they're finally giving their body nutritious food and no harmful plants. You need lots of nutrition to function at your best.  Depending on your size and activity levels you will need minimum 1kg of meat each day. Don't be afraid to eat more meat and fat! You need loads of fatty meat to lose weight. Starving yourself will only encourage your body to hold onto its stored energy (body fat).

Please Note: if you select the Halal Carnivore Meat Box you receive all items Halal including regular mince instead of fatty mince.

If you want more tips/information on the carnivore diet send me an email at

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