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Barbell Air Dried Steak - THE TRIO

Barbell Air Dried Steak - THE TRIO

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Get all three Barbell Air Dried Steak flavours so you can have nutrient-dense snacking on the go AND enjoy a world of flavour and variety.


200g Benchmark Air Dried Steak
The benchmark sets the standard for Barbell's Air Dried Steak range and with the classic biltong flavour and tender flavoursome meat. 

200g Carnivore Air Dried Steak
For those who want to keep it plain and simple, only spiced with sea salt, it's perfect for those following the carnivore diet.

200g Burn Air Dried Steak
The burn is a mild chilli spice and abides by the keep it simple stupid principle. Barbell simply added a lot of f#&king chilli to their classic benchmark air dried steak.

Total 600g of nutrient-dense, muscle building, tender and flavoursome Air Dried Steak!

Cut into bite-size pieces, Barbell Air Dried Steak is made to be eaten on the go - freeing up more time for the things you love.

Made from organic grass-fed & finished Australian beef, gluten-free white vinegar, sea salt, coriander seeds, black pepper, cloves and cayenne pepper.

Free from preservatives, dairy, gluten, soy and sugar, benchmark biltong has a 12 month best before date and is best kept in the pantry or fridge.

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