Bacon, premium rindless 2.5kg
Bacon, premium rindless 2.5kg
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Bacon, premium rindless 2.5kg

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The most delicious bacon you've ever had!

Crisps up beautifully.
Light smoky flavour.
Perfect fat ratio.

No added sugar, preservatives or any nasties.

How would your life change with 2.5kgs of the best bacon you've ever had in your fridge?

My guess is you'd jump out of bed every morning looking forward to a delicious, nutritious and satiating breakfast.

Bacon is super easy to freeze and defrosts in the fridge in less than a day.

If this isn't the best bacon you've ever had we'll refund you in full. It's unbelievably tasty and with no nasties it's good for you too!