Bacon, premium rindless 2.5kg
Bacon, premium rindless 2.5kg
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Bacon, premium rindless 2.5kg

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The most delicious bacon you've ever had!

Crisps up beautifully.
Light smoky flavour.
Perfect fat ratio.

No added sugar, preservatives or any nasties.

How would your life change with 2.5kgs of the best bacon you've ever had in your fridge?

My guess is you'd jump out of bed every morning looking forward to a delicious, nutritious and satiating breakfast.

Bacon is super easy to freeze and defrosts in the fridge in less than a day.

If this isn't the best bacon you've ever had we'll refund you in full. It's unbelievably tasty and with no nasties it's good for you too!

What makes our bacon so special?

1. Locally grown

All our pork is sourced from NSW farmers (you might be surprised to learn that most bacon is imported from overseas).
Our farmers practice sow-stall free and ethical farming so you know you're buying pork from farmers who care about the welfare of their animals.
Our bacon is fresh too, we've drastically reduced the time from farm to your plate.

2. Crap free

No sugar. No gluten. No weird additives, just great Australian pork.

3. It's good for you

'Good for you' and bacon is not something you hear in the same sentence very often but bear with me. Bacon is full of protein and natural healthy fat. It's incredibly satiating, I challenge you to overeat bacon, you'll struggle. A few rashes and your body will simply stop wanting more (unlike sugary or low-nutrient foods). Plus, bacon and eggs for breakfast will leave you full for hours, you might find you don't need lunch and can fast through to dinner.

4. Great value

Our bacon is great value at $20/kg. The portion size is large - 2.5kg. We chose a large portion size so you can use bacon in your cooking as well as with your eggs in the morning. Bacon also freezes really well and defrosts fast. We freeze half our bacon as it takes about two weeks for Grace and I to get through 2.5kgs. 

5. It's delicious

Most importantly, it's absolutely delicious. Our bacon crisps up perfectly. It has a great balance between fat and meat. It's lightly smoked and very low in salt meaning you're enjoying the natural flavour of the bacon, not what's been added to it.