Your gateway to exceptional free-range chicken!

Your gateway to exceptional free-range chicken!

Introducing our new free-range chicken selection!

Purchasing quality, locally-grown produce should be easy.

With dozens of ethical farmers in NSW and the obvious health benefits of eating quality, fresh produce, surely accessing quality produce is easy?

Unfortunately, it's not.

Confusing labelling eg. free-range vs barn-raised.
Uncertain freshness, how long has the chicken been on the shelf for?
And hidden nasties like preservatives and additives make sourcing quality produce a minefield.

McKenzie's Meats is here to solve this problem for you with:

Certified free-range chicken.
Freshly cut and packed on delivery day.
With no nasties!

Our mission is to improve your health, that's why we take such care to ensure our products are as nutrient-dense as possible.

Plus, we make your life easy.

With McKenzie's Meats, purchasing exceptional free-range chicken is a breeze.

Order online and we'll deliver it right to your door.

Choose an easy subscription so you can set and forget.

Or, make a one-off order.

With a broad range of nutrient-dense products including grass-fed beef, grass-fed lamb, organic bone broths and crap-free spices, we are here to maximise your health!

To celebrate our free-range chicken launch, we have a special offer:

Get 25% off our entire free-range chicken using the discount code CHICKEN

Get your hands on our new free-range chicken selection now!

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