What’s my vision for McKenzie’s Meats?

What’s my vision for McKenzie’s Meats?

I started MM because I had a problem, I couldn’t access quality meat at an affordable price. Plus, I was busy, I needed convenience. I felt sure others felt the same. 

MM is the solution to that problem.

But where to from here? As MM grows I’m taking time to think deeply about what I want the business to become.

My vision is becoming clearer and as I learn more I’m drilling down into what I truly want.

Every so often I catch myself thinking small, feeling overwhelmed by small problems like packaging or customer queries.

That’s when I tell myself to snap out of it and take time to think. I think about why I started MM and where I will take it. In the end, it’s my decision.

I have a big vision for the business, I refuse to think small. By sharing this vision I’m holding myself accountable, it’s my ‘north star’. 

And I’m making it OK to aim big. Stuff small, I want to create something meaningful that changes the world. Something I’ll be proud of.

To repeat the mantra we’re constantly told - ‘we live in uncertain times’. 

Regardless of what’s happening in the world, being self-sufficient, independent and true to yourself remains the best way to handle the turbulence we may or may not be facing.

The important aspects of life are bubbling their way to the surface more than any other time in our lifetimes. Quality food, fresh air, space, sunlight, meaningful relationships, financial independence and diversified income have never been more important.

Through MM I’m giving the world quality food and helping people reconnect with the land and animals humans have always relied on.

Right now MM has 15 subscribers in Sydney.

Very soon we’ll reach metro Melbourne and metro Brisbane through a smart delivery system unlike any other meat business in Australia.

Not long after that, we’ll reach more regional areas in Australia. Not sure how yet, but we’ll find a way.

My goal is to help 1,000 people access quality meat in the most convenient and affordable way possible.

Scaling from 15 to 1,000 subscribers won’t happen overnight but it can be done. I know there’s tens of thousands of Australians who want access to better meat.

It’s not just about reaching 1,000 people, my vision for the business is bigger than that.

I want full vertical integration.

This means owning land, farming animals, slaughtering them, butchering the meat and delivering it to your door.

Typing this scares the life out of me. I’m a city boy who’s spent minimal time on a farm or around livestock. 

But I do know:
I love eating quality meat.
I want to know exactly where my meat came from and be assured the animals lived a good life.
Regenerative agriculture is the way forward - healing the land while producing food.
Food security is more important than ever. I don’t have much faith in our current system, time to take control.

How many meatboxes would I need to sell to buy a farm? 

How do I connect with the farmers, abattoir owners and butchers I’ll need to help me pull this off?

I don’t know yet but I will work it out.

My vision is becoming clearer. It’s still foggy in some areas but I’m letting my mind go for it and think big, it’s feeling more feasible every day.

Life’s too short to think small. Think big, then think bigger and bigger.

The world will be a better place for it.


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Just put my first order in. So glad to be buying from you and in effect we’re supporting each other! Love the vision. Good on you Simon.


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