We Need More Cows, Not Less

We Need More Cows, Not Less

The dogma at the moment is ‘meat is bad for your health and the environment’. 

Today, we have a global health crisis plus a myriad of environmental issues and unfortunately, meat, in particular cows, have wrongly been chosen as the scapegoat (or scapecow…).

Oversimplified infographics with biased statistics point to cows as the villain du jour.

When it comes to the dogma around our health, this isn’t new.

Meat and fat have been demonised by the Gov’t and MSM for 50 years since the sugar industry paid scientists to falsely blame the rise in heart disease on saturated fat and cholesterol. 

As a result, instances of heart disease have continued to skyrocket over the past half century.

More recently, meat has been demonised by environmentalists due to concerns like water consumption. 

The reality is 97% of the water consumed by grass fed beef is ‘green’ water from natural grasslands. They’re not taking water from streams, ponds, reservoirs etc, they’re consuming water that naturally falls from the sky and is absorbed by the grasses - they’ve been doing this for hundreds of thousands of years!

Cows (and all animals) are a vital part of the biodiversity of nature.

They help regenerate the land by fertilising soil, creating water-capturing divots with their hooves and chewing away ruffage so other plants can thrive.

Allan Savory has proved you can reverse desertification by running his herds of cattle through literal deserts in Zimbabwe and regenerating them, the before and after photos of vast tracts of land are astonishing.

The answer to our health and environmental issues is more grass fed cows farmed regeneratively. 

And it certainly isn’t fake meat made in a lab from seed oils and monocropped plant protein!

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I’m too old to chase moose. Will you sell me a beef animal not feedlot fattened?

Rolly on Hollywood Wasilla.

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