The Truth About 'Plant Based'

The Truth About 'Plant Based'

'Plant based' is a new term that's popping up everywhere!

Its used to describe products that aren't made from animals but from plants.

We see it on vegan products that mimic real food like fake meat, oat milk and even fake eggs.

And we see 'plant based' on products that you'd never expect to be made from animal products like sunglasses, cling wrap and dishwashing liquid.

Its become a marketing term that implies the product is somehow better for the environment, animal welfare and your health.

The truth is this marketing term is nothing more than a trick to sell more of an inferior product.

You see, the beauty of 'plant based' products is they're really cheap to produce.

The downside is they're terrible for your health, cause environmental destruction and destroy entire ecosystems.

But, if you brainwash the public into thinking 'plant based' is actually desirable, you can get away with anything...

These graphics made in collaboration with two nutritionists named Tom and Lauren (check them out on IG @nutritionwithtomandlauren) explain the hypocrisy that is the 'plant based' movement.



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