The Big FAT Secret

The Big FAT Secret

Saturated fat is often labelled as the cause of heart disease and cancer.

People think if they eat too much fat they'll 'clog up their arteries' and their heart won't get enough blood.

If this was the case, the Inuits, Maasai and Indigenous Australians must have been dropping like flies with rampant heart disease. But, records show there was no heart disease in these communities before colonisation and Western food.

They also think we can't digest animal protein and it gets stuck in your colon rotting and causing cancer. 

If this was the case Gastroenterologists like Dr. Pran Yoganathan would see rotting meat every time they did a colonoscopy. Pran has confirmed he's never seen a piece of steak in someone's colon but he has seen seeds, nuts and fiber.

So why have we been mislead to think something that has all the essential nutrients we need for life, all the fuel our brains and bodies need and is easily digestible is causing these horrible diseases?

As they say, follow the money.

The sugar and grain boards have been lobbying against meat and saturated fat for decades.

These organisations are extremely powerful as the mechanisation of their farming process coupled with artificial fertilisers means their products are extremely high margin and profitable.

They have the money to change people's minds and warp the truth through grants, propoganda and bribery.

The sad thing is, it has worked.

Over the past 100 years consumption of saturated fat per capita has fallen and rates of heart disease have risen sharply.

People have turned to highly processed vegetable oils as an alternative to saturated fat. These oils are made from the seeds of canola, sunflowers and rapeseed and have been proven to be the real cause of heart disease and cancer.

They are industrialised monocrops, cheap to produce with massive margins. A perfect companion to your meal of wheat, soy, corn and sugar...

If you care about the health of your loved ones you'll encourage them to eat healthy, natural saturated fats!


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