Spontaneous Scuba

Spontaneous Scuba

I jumped into the water and instantly panicked, I really had no idea what I was doing!

On the weekend I went scuba diving for the first time in 5 years.

Last time I was under heavy supervision, the instructor was basically holding my hand.

This time was very different. I went with a group of friends, "you can scuba right?" "Shit yeah I can!" I said with a false sense of confidence.

When we first plunged off the rocks at South Bondi I panicked. 

There were too many things happening at once. Oxygen tank, breathing thing (technical name), oxygen gauge, mask, snorkel, flippers... other stuff.

I swam straight back to the surface and had a breather.

The second attempt was a bit better and we set off into the deep blue.

After a short while a great sense of calm came over me.

We swam past rock shelfs, colourful reefs, fish and stingrays.

I felt totally insignificant. In a good way.

And it was dead quiet (except for my heavy breathing).

Fish continued about their daily business unphased. A wobbegong cruised right past my flipper as if I was a big rubber rock.

We eventually came to a clearing of white sand which led us to a steep rockshelf. 

On the other side of the rockshelf was a grey nurse shark.

It slowly swam by, completely oblivious to the 4 humans watching with jaws dropped. It truly was a majestic creature.

We paused for a few seconds holding onto the rock shelf to stop us from drifting apart.

Looking down at my oxygen gauge it was clear I wasn't as calm as I thought.. I'd sucked through 80% of the tank!

It was time for me to resurface and leave this underwater world of calm and silence.

Having the time and the energy/health to do things like spontaneous scuba diving is my priority and I want the same for you.

We give you access to the world's most nutrient-dense food so you have the energy and health to say 'yes' to whatever comes your way. 

And with delivery to your door you have time for what's important to you.

It might not be scuba diving with sharks, it might be time with your family. Whatever it is, we want you to have more of it!

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