Some thoughts on giving

Some thoughts on giving

As another week of lockdown passes, I thought I'd share a lockdown hack that's been working wonders for me.

It doesn't have to cost money. You can do it anywhere, any time.
And it's guaranteed to get you feeling good.

The secret hack is:

It could be making someone a cup of bone broth.
Giving a friend a phone call.
Buying flowers.
Giving a compliment.
Taking the time to proof-read someone's weekly newsletter (close to home).
Walking a mate's dog.

You can apply it to your work too. 

If you constantly think about giving to others and adding value to their lives, everyone you come into contact will be better for it.

Colleagues, clients and customers will feel your good energy and want to do business with you.

You will be a magnet to good news, opportunities and love!

Running MM I have plenty of ways I can 'give'.

When I meet a new friend I can send them blog articles.
I can teach them about grass-fed, locally raised meat.
I can give them $20 off their first order.

It's a great feeling.

Whatever your version of 'giving' is - just do it.

It's one of the few things in life with a guaranteed return!

Since I've started doing it my life has improved 1000%.

Maybe it'll do the same for you too?

Have a wonderful day Meat Club.

Speak soon, 

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