Despite What The "Experts"Say... Red Meat Is a Health Food

Despite What The "Experts"Say... Red Meat Is a Health Food

Red meat causes cancer, heart disease and obesity - is what you've been told.

In reality, this couldn't be further from the truth.

The meat eaters used in these 'scientific' studies are not queried on what they eat their meat with. Was it McDonald's, KFC or Subway? Did you eat it on a meatlovers pizza? Obviously these heavily processed meals aren't good for your health and this data is being attributed to meat eaters.

Red meat contains all the essential nutrients you need to thrive including zinc, vitamin B1, vitamin A, choline, potassium and iron.

The human stomach has low PH similar to that of scavenger animals which has evolved to digest the protein found in meat.

Human teeth are designed to tear through flesh not grind down fibrous plants and seeds.

Our digestive system is similar to a dog and with a small large intestine meaning we're not great at fermenting foods like leafy greens. Cows and sheep have four stomachs for digesting grasses and plants, humans have one.

Our ancestors hunted for nutritious meat and fat, this is what helped us grow a big brain and rise to the top of the food chain.

Check out these graphics explaining exactly why meat is so good for us.


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