Introducing Spicery - delicious and healthy spices for your meat

Introducing Spicery - delicious and healthy spices for your meat

We are very proud to introduce our new products - Spicery natural spices!

Spicery is a family business based in Canberra who share our health first values.

They make delicious, flavoursome spices which enhance (not overwhelm) the flavour of your meat and veggies, adding variety and sophistication to your home cooking.

Spicery is a family business founded and run by Emily and David. Their spice recipes have evolved from family recipes and Emily’s love for creative and exotic cooking. 

All the spices are blended by hand in Australia at Spicery HQ in Canberra.

My favourite thing about Spicery? Their products are crap-free.

We all love flavour. But, with flavour there’s often a downside.

Either the spices you’ve bought are loaded with sugar, preservatives, MSG or other nasties.

Or, you end up spending hours in the kitchen trying to nail the perfect blend of flavours to suit your meal.

Things have changed, enter Spicery AU.

Their products contain:
- No added sugar.
- No artificial flavours, colours or preservatives.
- No MSG.

And they're made in small batches from fresh ingredients.

Plus, the flavours have been expertly mixed providing you with the perfect balance of flavours.

You could give me mountains of individual spices and a week of testing time and I still couldn't get anywhere near nailing the flavour combinations like Spicery have.

We have been looking for a spice (spicy) partner since our inception.

We've searched far and wide and finally we've found Spicery.

In the end, we chose Spicery because they met and exceeded our three key criteria:

  1. Crap-free (must align with our health values)
  2. Delicious
  3. Australian-made and owned

McKenzie's Meats is currently stocking three delicious spice varieties:

Steakhouse Spice Rub

Turn your home into the best steakhouse ever!

With flavours of garlic, paprika, pepper and chipotle, the Steakhouse rub is  ideal for beef steaks (like our T-bones, rump or scotch). However, it also tastes great on chicken.

This is my personal favourite, it goes beautifully with our grass-fed rump steak or as a simple dry rub on beef brisket (no liquid required). 

Ingredients: spices (sweet paprika, black pepper, smoked paprika, celery seed, sumac, nutmeg, chipotle chilli), garlic, salt, onion, rice concentrate.

Trust me, you will love this one!

BBQ Spice Rub

A flavour explosion giving every BBQ a little extra oomph!

The BBQ Spice Rub has flavours of Smoked Paprika and Chipotle Chilli, blended with Australian Pure Lake Salt. Great rubbed on pork, chicken and beef.

It has medium heat and a smoky aftertaste, with just the right balance of flavours. 

Ingredients: spices (sweet paprika, smoked paprika, black pepper, chipotle chilli, mustard, cayenne pepper), garlic (contains naturally occurring sulphites), pure lake salt, onion, rice concentrate.

This one is a powerhouse and those that love spice and flavour will love it!

It goes beautifully with chicken thighs.

Moroccan Spice Rub

Flavoursome and exotic, the Moroccan Spice Rub will transport you to the spice markets of Morocco!

Beautifully balanced flavours with a combination of cumin, paprika, coriander, ginger and turmeric. Ideal for lamb and chicken.

Ingredients: spices (sweet paprika, cumin, coriander, cinnamon, black pepper, ginger, turmeric, sumac, cayenne pepper), garlic (contains naturally occurring sulphites), salt, cane sugar, rice concentrate.

The Moroccan Spice Rub is the perfect addition to our lamb chops, the balance of flavours will blow you away.

I recently conducted an in-depth taste test (tough gig) comparing all three spices on lamb chops, here are my tasting notes:

Steakhouse spice rub: Lovely balance of flavours, cumin and paprika dominant (which are my favourite), probably a little too subtle for a flavour filled lamb chop.

BBQ spice rub: A flavour explosion with nice chilli kick. This combination would be great for entertaining (showing off) with friends. I couldn't handle it every day though.

Moroccan spice rub: And we have a winner, the Moroccan spice blend perfectly compliments the already flavoursome and slightly gamey lamb. For me, Moroccan spice rub is the clear favourite when cooking lamb.

*Tip for first-timers: rub the meat with your spices and let it sit for 20 minutes. This helps the spices sink into your meat and will force you to bring your meat close to room temperature before cooking - it's a win-win.

I highly recommend trying Spicery spices. They are a brilliant addition to your pantry and the perfect accompaniment to McKenzie’s Meats.

You don’t need to use the spices all the time (I don’t).

But, sometimes you will crave a little extra flavour. Particularly if you’re entertaining and you want to show off a little (don’t we all).

Simply purchase some spices and we’ll deliver them to you along with your next meatbox (if you’ve got a meatbox on the way we will refund the delivery cost).

If you have any questions about Spicery shoot me a message and I’d be happy to help answer them.

You’re going to love Spicery, I’m sure of it.

Thanks for reading team.

Chat soon,

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