Increase your productivity, calm your mind and achieve your goals with daily journaling

Increase your productivity, calm your mind and achieve your goals with daily journaling

Increase your productivity, calm your mind and achieve your goals with daily journaling.

McKenzie's Meats fuels your body with nutrient dense grass fed meat.
Now it's time to fuel your mind as well.

I have been journaling for around 18 months and it has helped me become way more productive.

It gives me clarity, helps me stay on track to achieve my goals and importantly, releases my creativity.

If you want more clarity every single day.

If you're intent on improving your life and achieving your goals. 

And, if you want to unleash your creativity.

It's time to start journaling.

The journal I use is called the Stoic Journal

It combines the ancient wisdom of Stoicism with gratitude, self love and affirmations.

What separates this journal and others is that it creates a framework to achieve your goals.

The Stoic Journal invites you to 90 days of morning and evening journaling.

Each month you will establish goals based on your mind, body and project.

Every day you will remind yourself of these goals and the actions you need to take to achieve them.

The cumulative affect of journaling every morning and evening is huge.

You will operate at your best more often.

And you will find the mental space to be creative!

Life is full of disctractions - social media, news, Netflix etc.

With the Stoic Journal you cut through the noise and find space to think and create every day.

To get you started on your journey towards productivity, a calm mind and achieving your goals, I'd like to offer you $10 off the Stoic Journal for the month of November only.

The discount code STOICJOURNAL gets you $10 off.

(If you want me to include your journal in your next meat box let me know and I'll refund your shipping.)

Grab a copy of the Stoic Journal from the online store now.

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I recently purchased the Stoic journal you were selling and I love it. I too have noticed you no longer have them on your site and was wondering if and when you plan on getting more?


How do I purchase your Stoic Journal?
It’s not in your online store.

Carlos Abad

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