How to increase your energy so you never need to nap again!

How to increase your energy so you never need to nap again!

I recently chatted with Dietitian Jessica Turton who had a very obvious yet often overlooked take on energy.

Do you ever feel your energy crashing in the afternoon?

Or find yourself drinking too many coffees?

This surprisingly simple hack will mean you never need to nap again.

Is it crazy to think that if you're low on energy you need to consume more energy?

Our bodies use around 1500 calories a day simply to survive. 

That's without exercise, stress, work or any even getting out of bed.

If you want to live with energy, it stands to reason that you need to consume energy.

What sort of energy should you be consuming?

Before you rush out to KFC...

Quality animal fats are what you should be looking for.

In particular, Omega 3 is an outstanding source of fat and energy.

Fish and red meat are both high in Omega 3.

Adding protein and fat to every meal eg. bacon and eggs for breakfast or Good Fish salmon with your salad for lunch means you will have lasting energy all day long.

Without the energy spikes that come with a carbohydrate based meal.

Good Fish comes in handy resealable jars meaning you always have tasty and nutritious Omega 3 fat bombs on hand.

Purchase some Good Fish now and experience lasting energy all day long.

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