How to get what you want

How to get what you want

I recently read something that inspired me and I wanted to share it with you.

It's a blog post by Ben Patrick (AKA @kneesovertoesguy on Instagram).

Ben is extremely successful AND extremely disciplined.

When he chooses to share his knowledge, it's worth reading.

Here's an exerpt from hs blog post:

I believe you can unlock genius-level creativity even if you don’t “have it naturally” — just through investing mathematically more attention on creating and problem-solving than the others in your field are willing to. I think we all have it naturally. I think we unlearn how powerful we really are.

And I believe the reason I never relapsed is that my ultimate joy is helping others. If my happiness was only about me, I’m sure I wouldn’t have stayed so disciplined this whole year. Once you get what you want, why keep going?


See what I mean? So perhaps aligning yourself to the goal of helping others is another secret of never losing motivation. You will find once you really help someone, that you are filled with a deeper sense of joy. I think you should be happy and I think you should make others happy and I think that will make you happiest of all.

Extreme discipline + a desire to help others is a powerful combination.

You can read the full article here:

Here's to an incredible 2022!



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