How Do People Still Think Protein Bars Are A Good Source Of Protein?

How Do People Still Think Protein Bars Are A Good Source Of Protein?

You don't need expensive protein bars or powders to get your daily protein needs.

And you don't need to count how much protein you're eating every day or any 'macros' for that matter.

Even if you're trying to stack on muscle or lose body fat you still don't need to count.

Do you think Arnie counted his daily protein intake? If you asked him he'd probably just say 'a lot'.

The thing is a lot of these products marketed as protein bars/powders/balls/drinks are really a sneaky way to get you to buy processed food made from cheap ingredients.

If you can't pronounce the ingredients or if you see any seed oils that's a massive red flag.

And even the clean protein products are generally made from B Grade protein like left over milk protein from powdered milk.

This protein is less bioavailable which means you can't absorb it as well as you can with real whole animal foods.

Vegan protein is another scam because most of the 'protein' count is based on the nitrogen levels in the food but doesn't take into account whether your body can actually use the protein for muscle repair or access any of the nutrients. You end up with really expensive poo.

Another myth is that we need less protein as we age. It's actually the opposite and as we age we need as much protein as we can get to preserve as much muscle as we can.

So, what's the answer?

Eat loads of unprocessed animal protein from meat, fish and eggs.

Make this the majority (if not the entirety) of your meal.

Eat when you're hungry and eat till you're full.

Without the processed crap your hunger signals will normalise and your body will know when it needs more and when it's had enough.

Skip the processed protein bars/powders/balls/drinks and go for eggs, meat and fish. It's cheaper and your body can actually access and use the protein.

Stick to the real stuff!

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