Hormones, gut health and the carnivore diet with Holistic Health Coach Desiree Taylor

Hormones, gut health and the carnivore diet with Holistic Health Coach Desiree Taylor

Desiree Taylor has a wealth of knowledge about hormone health, gut health, nutrition and coaching.

As a Holistic Health Coach Desiree works with her clients by getting to the root cause of the problem. She educates them, encourages them and step by step they recover.

Desiree formed her approach to health based on her own life experience. As an elite athlete and career driven corporate worker, she burnt the candle at both ends. Desiree followed the recommended health guidelines and like so many people, used alcohol and caffeine to mask the signals her body was sending her.

Fair to say this didn't end well..

Desiree found herself in hospital unable to get out of bed, suffering from chronic fatigue.

It wasn't until she removed all stressors (including her phone) that she realised the affect food was having on her body and mind. Every time she ate the terrible hospital food (hospital food is an entire blog article in itself!) her symptoms got worse.

But surely the hospital wouldn't feed us food that's bad for our health??

This discovery led Desiree down the rabbit hole into the world of nutrition, gut health, hormones and more.

She found a low-carb, high (quality) meat diet and she hasn't looked back.

Desiree is truly a font of knowledge and we are very lucky she has taken the time to share some of her knowledge with us.

For me, hormone health is an unknown area. I know instinctively it's important but I can't articulate why or exactly what it means. Maybe you're the same?

Fortunately Desiree gets it and she does an amazing job of simplifying it for us (me).

We also go deep into the link between emotions/stress and health. This link is undeniable but so often overlooked in the age of prescription drugs and quick fixes. Desiree's mantra of getting to the root of the issue means her work involves unpacking her client's emotional baggage leading to lasting change.

Here are some show notes to help you get the info you need:

1min Desiree's story including hitting rock bottom
4'45" Her journey to health begins
6'30" Hospital food
10'30" Desiree's philosophy around food
19'45" Hormone health
27'40" Metabolic flexibility
30'30" Talking carnivore with clients
34mins How Desiree works with clients
38'40" Desiree's thoughts on McKenzie's Meats
39"40" Nutrition for kids

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