GevityRX is your gut's best friend

GevityRX is your gut's best friend

The team behind GevityRX are on a mission to help you take control of your gut health with their super concentrated, nutrient-dense bone broth called 'body glue'.

Armed with their potent 'body glue', the team at GevityRX have begun reinventing your favourite staples like BBQ and Sriracha sauce into bone broth fuelled health bombs.

Like me, you might be thinking, how can BBQ sauce be good for you and still taste like BBQ sauce? Isn't BBQ sauce highly processed, filled with sugar and loaded with preservatives?

When I tried GevityRX's Better Belly BBQ sauce I was blown away.

Every two tablespoons of sauce contains a serve of 'Body Glue' and it includes no crap (no vegetable/seed oils, preservatives, soy, gluten etc.).

Plus, it tastes delicious, it's a full-flavoured smokey BBQ sauce!

Long distance Meat Club Member Tom Boyci (he lives in Perth) connected me with GevityRX and when I first checked out their products, honestly, I didn't get it.

They were so different to anything I've tried before that I just couldn't get my head around them.

What is 'Body Glue'? How can BBQ sauce be healthy? How are these products different from other bone broths??

With a little shove from Tom, I committed to give the products a go and I quickly found out why he raves about GevityRX.

Here are the 4 GevityRX products we are now stocking:

1/4. The 'Body Glue' (natural flavour, pictured above) has the texture of thick glue (hence the name), it's so concentrated all you need is one teaspoon in a cup of tea and you've got yourself a warm cup of bone broth. It's also easy to add to meals and because of it's subtle 'natural' flavour it doesn't disrupt the flavour of your meal. I have been adding it to my chilli con carne made with grass-fed beef mince to make it even more nutrient-dense.

2/4. A.M. Cleanse combines the nutrient-density of 'Body Glue' with immune boosting lemon, ginger and apple cider vinegar (ACV). The warming ginger and ACV have a cleansing feeling while the lemon adds freshness. It's the perfect morning drink, particularly if you're intermittent fasting and like to skip breakfast.

3/4. The Better Belly BBQ Sauce is crazy delicious AND nutritious. Every two tablespoons (trust me you'll eat more than that) contain a serve of 'Body Glue'. Plus, it's made with organic olive oil, psyllium husk, ACV and packed with prebiotic fibre to feed your good gut bugs! The texture is like super thick cream, flavour is a slightly smokey BBQ sauce and there's no guilty feeling after. Sweetened with antioxidant rich natural pomegranate and monk fruit to keep sugar content low and free from any nasties.

4/4. When you first try the Souped up Sriracha you won't believe something so tasty could be healthy. But, like the Better Belly BBQ Sauce, every 2 tablespoons contains a serve of 'Body Glue' and it's made with organic olive oil, psyllium husk, ACV and packed with prebiotic fibre. The Souped up Sriracha is creamy in texture, moorish and has a little heat. Goes great with seafood, burgers and sweet potato fries!

When my GevityRX products arrived I jumped straight on a video call with their Account Manager Elza who knows everything about GevityRX's products and just so happes to be a Nutritional BioChem research candidate. In short, she knows her stuff!

If you'd like to watch me fumble around and ask Elza every question that pops into my head, check it out here:

With GevityRX you can turn EVERY meal into a nutrient-dense gut-healer.

You have the freedom to add the sauces or body glue to desserts, drinks, icy poles and more. I haven't been quite that far down the rabbit hole yet but I plan to venture a fair way down!

You need to try GevityRX to get it.

My ramblings may have piqued your interest but experiencing it for yourself is something else.

We have limited stock at present so order now while (if) there are some products left!

With GevityRX you can heal your gut without comprimising flavour or, importantly, your time. I guarantee you will love their products.

If you have any questions about GevityRX shoot me an email or a DM and I'll get straight back to you.

I really appreciate you reading this article and I'd love to hear what you think of GevityRX once you've tried their products.

Speak soon,

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