Filling your cup

Filling your cup

The expression ‘fill your cup’ is something I’ve been thinking about lately.

‘Filling your cup’ is a metaphor for replenishing your stores of mental, emotional and physical energy.

Some things fill your cup and some things drain it.

Sleeping in, nutritious food, great conversations, laughing, swimming in the ocean - these things fill my cup (and I think they might fill yours too).

Alarm clocks, crappy food, doing two things at once, traffic, gossip - empty my cup.

Someone with a full cup sees life totally different to an empty cup-er.

With a full cup, life is sweet. We have energy, enthusiasm and passion.

With an empty cup everything feels hard, overwhelming and hopeless.

I’m becoming more aware of my cup levels and how it affects my perception.

It’s amazing how it can change from day to day. 

I can look at the same situation from two totally different angles.

Stuck in traffic:

Full cup = music up, windows down, how good is it to have the time to just sit here and enjoy life?

Empty cup = I’m wasting time, what about those 10 things I NEED to do today, I can’t live here anymore, I need to move somewhere with no traffic and no people and only me, my to-do list and an empty cup.

I recently read a short piece by Mark Baker (@guruanabolic on Twitter) titled ‘Save Yourself’ about his encounter with the human embodiment of an empty cup

Mark is 60 and fitter than most 20yr olds, he’s jacked and still sprints competitively.

“She was such a picture of misery that I instantly felt sorry for her. Her depression was something chronic, ingrained, I could tell - every part of her showed it.”

Mark ends up following the girl on his bike hoping to ‘save’ her.

His efforts are futile and as the title suggests, he concludes she needs to save herself.

Read it here. The whole encounter is eerily familiar.

So, now to fill our cups.

The last week or two I’ve gone a little harder than I wanted to.

I didn’t take the time to plan ahead and instead let things wash up on me.

And wash up they did. 

Massive Meat Day with a couple of our team away. Travel North on planes and South in the car. Inconsistent exercise. Inefficient work and not enough sleep.

I was worn out. Depleted. Cranky. Unenthusiastic. 

Shuffling around dragging an empty cup behind me.

This weekend I’ve escaped down the South Coast to Culburra. 


It’s cold and windy and nothing seems to be open.

I’ve fired up the BBQ. T-bones and wagyu sausages for dinner.

10 cups of peppermint tea per day.

Fell asleep on the couch and slept in.

Watched the last two sunsets.

Went surfing with no limit on when I needed to be back home. Just stayed out for as long as I wanted.

My cup is beginning to replenish.

Enthusiasm is returning.

I’m reminded of the endless possibilities of life.

It makes me wonder, what would life look like with a full cup every day?

What if you could bottle that morning coffee in the sun on holiday feeling and live it 24/7, 365 days per year!

Well, McKenzie’s Meats can help you with one piece of your ‘full cup puzzle’.

We give you access to grass-fed, nutrient dense meat 24/7, 365. 

No trips to the supermarket. 

No temptation.

No depleted energy levels.

Just nutrient-dense, delicious, cup-filling meat every day.

For the other pieces of the ‘full cup puzzle’, that’s up to you.

As Mark Baker says, ‘Save Yourself’.

Thanks for reading.

Speak soon,


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  1. Shoot me an email at and I’ll help you select the perfect meatbox for you and your needs.
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