Field to Feast - organic fruit and veggies

Field to Feast - organic fruit and veggies

Organic fruit and veggies delivered to your door

​McKenzie's Meats has partnered with Field to Feast to bring you organic fruit and veggies along with your grass-fed meat.

To unlock free delivery with Field to Feast, simply use the discount code MEATCLUB when you purchase your fruit and veggie box from Field to Feast's website.

We'll deliver your fruit and veggie box to your door with your next meatbox.

Keep reading to find out more about Field to Feast or, go right ahead and order your first fruit and veggie box!

Fruit and veggies in a McKenzie's Meats blog, Simon's lost it!

Bear with me...

McKenzie's Meats is all about connecting you with local producers who grow food with a focus on your health.

Field to Feast epitomise this ideology. 

So, if organic fruit and veggies are your thing, read on.

Field to Feast are a husband and wife duo (Hapi and Cath) who run an organic farm just outside of Sydney.

(This is Hapi, the farmer behind Field to Feast)

Hapi grew up in Tonga where he farmed alongside his father and grandfather. When he arrived in Sydney he found it impossible to find locally grown organic fruit and veggies. 

So, the Tongan farmer did what tongan farmers do, he got to work.

I've had the pleasure of meating Hapi who is Hapi by name and Happy by nature.

He was wearing a Hawaiian shirt, a massive smile and is an impressive figure!

Shaking his hand was like shaking a baseball mit. Strong, leathery and about twice as big as my hand!

What does 'organic' mean?

Field to Feast do not use any sprays, fertilisers, chemicals or pesticide.

Field to Feast also practices dryland farming.

The farm is located in Catherine Field, an area of Sydney that does not receive a lot of rainfall. Set on a clay base, the ground holds water for the new crops in composted vegetation and leaf matter. During the summer the surface of the soil tends to harden which helps to retain moisture in the beds. 

Field to Feast host regular Farm Open Days giving you the opportunity to view our farm in person (and to meet Cath and Hapi).

You can now get Field to Feast organic fruit and veggies along with your meatbox every Friday.

Simply mirror your subscriptions with McKenzie's Meats and Field to Feast and you're all set. Never go shopping again and eat the best locally sourced produce available!

I tried Field to Feast and loved it.

Last week I ordered Field to Feast's Autumn Family Basics Box and it was loaded with fresh organic fruit and veggies like pumpkin, beetroot, onions, cabbage, watermelon, apples and pears.

At only $40 it was exceptional value.

If organic fruit and veggies are your thing I highly recommend giving Field to Feast a go. 

Have questions or need help getting set-up? Shoot me an email or DM on Instagram and I'll help.

Read more about Field to Feast by clicking the link below.

*Available in Sydney only.

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I would like to have the organic produce delivered with my meat box on Friday please (O/No 2445) I am not sure how to connect the two together. Thanks Angela

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