Carnivore success story: Steph lost 35kgs

Carnivore success story: Steph lost 35kgs

This week I was lucky enough to sit down with Steph Miller, a longterm McKenzie's Meats customer.

Steph has been on an incredible health journey and has lost a staggering 35kgs!

For Steph, the answer to her health challenge was quality meat and lots of it.

When Steph eats meat and animal fat she gets all the nutrients and energy she needs and importantly, she is satiated.

 Steph was 'addicted to carbs'. If she opened a packet of TimTams she had to finish it.

Now Steph has removed carbs from her life and removed all temptation to binge.

For the last 18 months Steph has maintained a carnivore diet and for the last 12 months, McKenzie's Meats has delivered a fresh meatbox to her door every Meat Day (Friday).

Steph's favourite meatbox is the Scotch Fillet and Mince Meatbox (4kg).

She LOVES our scotch fillet!

McKenzie's Meats is built to serve people like Steph.

Those who value their health and need access to the highest quality ethically-raised, locally grown meat.

Maybe you don't need to go to the extremes of a meat-only diet like Steph.

Perhaps a nutrient-dense approach to your eating (as suggested by Dr. Yoganathan) is the way forward?

Either way, if you want to maximise your health, McKenzie's Meats is here to help!

Checkout my entire conversation with Steph below:

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