#1 Book On Nutrition

#1 Book On Nutrition

When @drcateshanahan was working as a Family Physician in Hawaii she noticed her older patients were healthier than the younger generation.

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?

The grandparents were lean and strong with robust health while their children and grandchildren were suffering from illnesses like heart disease, cancer, mental health, diabetes and autoimmune issues.

Why was this happening?

The older generation were brought up on a traditional diet of fish and wild pig while the younger generation have been exposed to modern processed foods like candy and potato chips fried in vegetable oil.

And so began Dr. Shanahan’s deepdive into the world of nutrition.

She discovered that a traditional approach to nutrition could reverse many of today’s lifestyle diseases. 

To find out which traditional foods were best she leveraged the wisdom of traditional cultures all over the world. 

The goal: To help us all unlock our enormous genetic potential: 

From this research, Dr. Shanahan developed her 4 Pillars of Nutrition:

#1 Meat on the bone, tendons, marrow, fat
#2 Organs including liver, kidneys and brains
#3 Fermented and sprouted foods
#4 Fresh, unadulterated plant and animal products

We need to consume as much of the above foods as we can!

And we need to avoid these at all costs:

  1. Vegetable and seed oils
  2. Processed foods 
  3. Refined sugar

Dr. Shanahan’s work caught the attention of the LA Lakers and they hired her to completely redesign their nutrition plans. 

The players say it’s the most delicious food they’ve ever had.

If you want to learn more about how you can reach your genetic potential through a traditional approach to food, get yourself a copy of Deep Nutrition. 

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