Joe Rogan did the Carnivore Diet for 30 days.

"I lost 12 pounds, gained a ton of energy. My energy levels were completely flat the whole month. No ups and downs from crashing after eating.

I had a belly and a lot of people made fun of me, fat-shamed me.

I lost all my fat. Lost all the belly, lost my love handles.

It was tremendously beneficial. And I also have an autoimmune disorder, it's called vitiligo, my vitiligo improved, I had a bunch of white spots fill in.

When you have no carbohydrates, one of the things that's amazing is that there's no crashing.. My energy levels were amazing.

This is as good as I've felt in a long time and it was only one month."

Starting the carnivore diet will change your life.

Other than the incredible health benefits, there are some lesser known carnivore diet positives which you will love:

  • Eat less frequently, most people on carnivore eat twice a day and some only once. This saves so much time cooking and cleaning up.
  • Simple choices, with a handful of go-to meals you're set. No more over-thinking what to have for lunch, choose a simple, delicious meal and get stuck in.
  • Easy to prepare. Even if you're a complete newbie to cooking, you can quickly learn to slow-cook or make a delicious chilli con carne.
  • Stop thinking about food all the time! I used to constantly think about what my next meal would be. I wasn't overweight but I was addicted to food. Plus, I was hungry all the time no matter how much I ate. On carnivore I don't worry about when my next meal will be because I know I can easily fast 24 hours and not have hunger pangs. 

Carnivore Meal Plan

Following a simple eating plan will make carnivore even easier for you.

And it'll ensure you get the right amout of nutrients to reach and maintain your ideal weight.

Here's how I eat. This works for me and most of my carnivore friends. Give it a go, I think you'll love it.

Tall glass of water with 2 table spoons of apple cider vinegar, a teaspoon of salt and some squeezed lemon.
Not only does this taste amazing first thing in the morning, the water helps you hydrate, the salt gives you electrolytes, the ACV is great for your gut and suppresses your hunger and the lemon gives flavour, freshness and a nice sour cleansing feeling.

I sip on a big mug of bone broth.
Bone broth has some incredible health benefits which I'll explain in a separate blog post when I share my recipe. In short, if you're not sipping bone broth, you're missing out.

I eat a big lunch and stop eating when I'm full. Here are a few combinations for your first big meal of the day:
- 4x scrambled eggs with cheese + bacon + 3x wagyu sausages
- 5x home-made burgers with cheese on top (I'll share the recipe in a separate blog post)
- 500g of Lamb grilling chops (these are so delicious with salt - that's all you need)
- 2x 250g rump steaks with butter melting over them + beef liver pate as a kind of mustard.

Time for dinner, I normally dine with my girlfriend and she loves my carnivore meals (I do most of the cooking). Again, I eat till I'm full and it's often a big meal.
- Slow-cooked meat. I highly recommend getting into slow-cooking, it is a lot of fun experimenting with different recipes, you turn it on in the morning and come home to an incredible meal that has filled your home with a delicious aroma and it allows you to cook with cheaper, more fatty meat.
My favourite meats to slow-cook with are chuck steak, beef brisket or lamb shoulder. I simply dry-rub the meat with spices (usually cumin, paprika and salt) and drop the meat in the slow-cooker. It's that simple.
- Another amazing dinner is simply 2x 250g scotch fillet steaks cooked in butter. If you want to treat yourself, this is how you do it. Scotch fillet really is the king of the steaks.
- Wagyu sausages are so damn good. Grill on bbq or roast in the oven for about 45 mins (trust me, oven roasted snags are surprisingly good).
- Chilli con carne is also one of my favourites. No beans needed, just beef mince, spices and some cheese and sour cream on top.

Since being on carnivore I've stopped craving sweet desserts which has been fantastic for staying lean and again, has simplified my life.
I love peppermint tea so most nights I'll have a big mug of Twinings peppermint tea. Then, I sleep like a baby.

*I'll share my recipes for bone broth, liver pate and chilli con carne in the next week or so. 

- Breakfast is the best meal to skip because it gives you an easy 16-hour fasting window. On carnivore I find I'm not too hungry in the mornings. Plus, I train in the mornings and I feel better working out fasted.
- Add plenty of quality salt to everything you eat (enough so it tastes good), the electolytes will leave you feeling energetic and alert
- I drink plenty of soda water ($0.95 for 1 litre at Aldi), so damn good, like drinking soft drink but no sugar

And that's how I eat.
It works for me and the benefits of eating and living like this are so good I don't plan to change any time soon.

Want to learn more about carnivore? There are two things you can do:

1. Check out and start learning more.

2. Email me at and I'll personally help you reach your goals.

    Thank you for reading.

    Speak soon,

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