Simon Lewis
Founder: McKenzie’s Meats

Hi, I’m Simon and that’s me in the photo, if you haven’t seen me before. I’m a nutrition researcher and founder of McKenzie’s Meats that specialises in improving your health by delivering grass fed meat to your door specifically.

Seeing nutrition issues running rampant and now more than ever men, women and their kids are struggling with issues like low energy, chronic fatigue or if they do have energy they have to constantly snack or drink coffee to make it through the day…

Then there are other issues like being overweight and struggling to get it off, poor gut health leading to issues like IBS and Crohn’s disease, Autoimmune issues, diabetes, poor sleep, chronic inflammation & mental health issues like anxiety and depression are now more common than ever before.

The crazy thing is even though all these issues seem so different and diverse they all stem back to poor nutrition as the root cause of the issue, this has now been proven through research into:

  • Nutrition and brain function
  • Nutrition and body composition
  • Nutrition and mental health
  • Nutrition and hormone health
  • Insulin sensitivity & diabetes

You see, by understanding the the importance of proper nutrition it allows us to have the ability to treat the cause of the problem rather than just looking for a bandaid solution that is slapped over the symptom…

This is why I created McKenzie’s Meats because I wanted to stop people from just treating symptoms and actually get to the root cause of their issues.

I was sick of seeing bandaids get put over these issues thinking everything is going to be okay when I knew people were just going to end up back in the same position.

I was sick of seeing people following mainstream nutritional advice or visiting doctors prescribing medications that were only ever giving them temporary results and more side effects that lead to other health issues further down the track.

I was sick of people getting sold the “magic” pill or supplement when deep down I knew there was no such thing as what most doctors and pharmaceutical companies try to tell you.

This is why I created McKenzie’s Meats and developed our system for ‘nutrient-dense eating’ with specifically chosen products that heal your body and mind by getting to the root cause of the issues, because we know there isn’t a magic pill or medication that cures everything. 

It takes more than just adding a supplement to your daily routine to improve your nutrition, that’s why we have specifically chosen to stock products that are nutrient-dense and don’t contain anything harmful so you can actually get the results you want whilst taking out the guesswork so you can focus on feeling better without being lost or confused about what to do, or feeling helpless ever again wondering why you can never get on top of your frustrating health problems.

So if you’re ready to improve your nutrition for good, get your first box of McKenzie’s Meats today.


PS. If you want to learn more about me you can watch these interviews below: